About Me

I am playing with the idea of this format provided by WordPress… ..if it works out -fine, if not -well then I suppose I will leave it as my site temporarily (until I have time to load a fully customized version – probably within the next month or so)…. ..Okay, I’ve used the format for quite some time as of 3-17-2018,,, ,,I think I will include six links here: for the world as it should be (Okay, “how it really is supposed to be” version) ……oh my, it seems I needed to clarify further about the point I was trying to make here!  Perhaps the correct title should be “the world as it should be: the right tower versus the left tower”… ..You see once a boy and girl (or man and woman) meet each other, then they discover “good mixtures energies”, then they decide to be married (either through casual festival, or “pomp and circumstance” wedding style festival) …well, that basically seems to be “the nodding point” for a happily ever after life stories!  This is not an issue of “freedomist” versus “loyalist” such as in the American revolutionary war!  In fact, I would say the notion of “human essences value” and “human spirited ideals” is common to both towers, so to speak… ..(and really any “problem person’s” or “incidence reports” of such, is probably relegated to about less than 5%,,, ,,and oddly enough, most of these smaller percentage problems are occurring in the right side “loyalist” tower,,, why would you want someone who is just making fun of the “happily ever after existence people” by having lots and lots of disengenious multiple affairs, the answer is: you would not!)  …what about the “homo-gay” community are they in the same category as “disingenuous multiple affairs persons”?  I believe yes they are and it is an idea which is actually already supported by many religious stories (i.e. such as the story of “sodom” and “gommorah” which are stories I think most of us are already familiar with)… ..anyhow the “two towers analogy” applies to this case as well, (the only difference is that it is in reverse application)… ..In this case we are looking for a small percentage who are “honest”, “true”, and “good” from amongst a larger percentage of a segment of society that will be sectioned off (or otherwise meeting its fate such as in the example cities mentioned earlier,,, I was also thinking of including a link to a Billy Idol song: “man for woman” or another additional song originally by Van Halen, but then later performed by Idol: “Jump”)  😉

This particular slot… ..slot #5… ..it seems to be a virtual tie between either a posting for John Parr’s Restless Heart, (the ending theme song from ‘Running Man’ starring Arnold Schwarzenegger)… ..or a posting for Captain America’s theme intro song from the actual video game (Marvel vs Capcom; on various systems such as Sega, Super Nintendo, and even Sega Saturn, plus any later console releases!)  I think it is a 70% Restless Heart to 30% Cap America theme… ..and yes, I would still call it an even split… ..So, I think the best thing to do is to keep all of that in mind and simply ask yourself the question of: do you belong to more of a “Red Aspect”?  If so, then Restless Heart would be the correct choice… ..or perhaps you belong to more of a “Blue Aspect”?  If so, then Cap America theme would be the choice!  Stuck somewhere in the middle??? Don’t worry I have the perfect answer below!