The best times to exist!

Might as well have some fun at this point… ..I found this really cool “Frankenstein’s Monster” halloween make-up tutorial… ..along with “skulls and stars” galaxy cookies creation (link in comments),,, Yes, I do think they go nicely together! ***T 😉

Hey Internet, Go Back to this!

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anyhow, I thought I would include the little anecdote at the end just for fun!  -T

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favorite movies:

here is a list of my top-40-favorite-movies! (just for fun and in no particular order)….(hey kids, please get parents permission and\or check ratings on each new movie, perhaps it is best to watch “made for T.V. versions” or watch with a friend who knows the funny parts, the scary parts, and the parts that bring out our emotions… ..after all, “learning” – “entertainment” – and “fun” is actually what movies are supposed to be all about!)  —check out scores at

I added a few bonus picks: the total number is 54….

1.  a fistful of dollars [1964]

2.  last action hero [1993]

3.  dirty rotten scoundrels [1988]

4.  big top pee wee [1988]

5.  blue thunder [1983]

6.  jaws [1975]

7.  moonraker [1979]

8.  octopussy [1983]

9.  legend [1985]

10.  the running man [1987]

11.  out of Africa [1985]

12.  batman [1990]

13.  batman forever [1995]

14.  superman IV (quest for peace) [1987]

15.  godzilla 2014 [2014]

16.  terminator 2 judgement day [1991]

17.  top gun [1986]

18.  rocky 1 [1976]

19.  rocky 2 [1979]

20.  rocky 3 [1982]

21.  rocky 4 [1985]

22.  indiana jones (raiders) [1981]

23.  indiana jones (temple) [1984]

24.  indiana jones (last crusade) [1989]

25.  ghostbusters part one [1984]

26.  ghostbusters part two [1989]

27.  scrooged [1988]

28.  the nightmare before X’mas [1993]

29.  fletch [1985]

30.  fletch lives [1989]

31.  vacation [1982]

32.  european vacation [1985]

33.  modern problems [1981]

34.  star trek – the original motion picture [1979]

35.  star trek – the wrath of khan [1982]

36.  star trek – the voyage home [1986]

37.  star trek – first contact [1996]

38.  austin powers: international man of mystery [1997]

39.  twins [1988]

40.  ruthless people [1986]

41.  remains of the day [1993]

42.  oceans eleven [2001]

43.  the matrix [1999]

44.  the matrix reloaded [2003]

45.  the bourne identity [2002]

46.  the fugitive [1993]

47.  the rookie [2002]

48.  field of dreams [1989]

49.  titanic [1997]

50.  the wedding singer [1998]

51.  christmas vacation [1989]

52.  vegas vacation [1997]

53.  mars attacks [1996]

54.  galaxy quest [1999]