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I realized the donations are coming in slowly,,, so in an effort to try and encourage some “much quicker” and “larger” donations… ..I decided I should go ahead and supply a list of “bonus links” to 10 favorite websites (+ 1 for good luck!) these are all websites which I found to be very fun, informative, and downright entertaining!  (Oh you are so welcome, in advance) 😉

  1.  my brother’s website: (Rami is a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, his method’s are usually extremely non-invasive, and his patient/cliental are usually supremely satisfied with their experiences)
  2.  what’s one of the most fun things to do on the Internet: Learning to cook of course: (there are many other cooking video’s featured throughout YouTube alone!)… ..however, if I had to pick a favorite, I think it would be the “baking creations” by R.Pansino
  3.  Informative and Fun: usually uses “top ten style” lists and reviews of popular media: television, video games, + movies and more! (you can’t go wrong with these guys!)
  4.  I am quite the Star Trek fan… ..and no other website satisfies the “inner trekkie” more than you guessed it: “trekyards”
  5.  What is your favorite part about movies?  Actually seeing the movie, or discussing it afterwards with friends??? Anyhow I somehow stumbled upon a YouTube channel by the name of “Film Theorists” (self explanatory, wouldn’t you say?)
  6.  now it’s time to blast off into outer space, please allow “space rip” to be your guide!
  7.  do you need a little more of a personal guide through space: if so, my advice is to check out the awesome work of “Astrum” :::
  8.  RealLifeLore answers the silly questions we sometimes ask ourselves such as: “How big can hurricanes get?” or “what would the British Globalized Empire be like if it re-united” or “how deep can we dig” or “how deep is the ocean”… ..Yes, they have a YouTube channel; however, I think I’ll go ahead and direct people straight to their official merchandise website: 😉
  9.  Binkov’s Battlegrounds is all about “what if scenario’s” which most likely would never occur in the first place: such as: France vs UK, or Russia vs Turkey, or USA vs China… ..etc..etc.. ( “nice use of the sock puppet, but I’d like to see some “serious stuff” t-shirt’s”
  10.  Alternate History Hub, these guys have some way cool theoretical discussions going on… ..I decided to link towards their blog:
  11.  and finally to try and lighten things up a bit: I thought I would supply a direct link to “Shmee” driving one of my favorite modern exotic production cars: the Ferrari f12 tdf:  (I’ll take mine in charcoal grey, with the same color interior, and light neon blue stitching of course!)  ***Trakmus