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  1. okay I realize some might say this is the strangest of all my postings throughout all three pages of tarekbatniji.com, (I really just wanted to sneak in a photo of Disney’s haunted mansion as well as a photo of myself in London’s famous plaza\square),,, so I have now decided to leave a link of a superhero who can never be incorporated, that’s right it is the American icon, the symbol of American freedom: “Captain America” (as portrayed in the epic “street fighter vs. marvel” video game, a game I know we all love to enjoy and play)… ..I like the way some of the baddies from ‘capcom’ could easily join the “good guys team”… ..I also like the group photo, including the group photo in foreground stance! -Let me know what you think— Sincerely T— https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TahehpOvJR8

  2. oh yes, and thank you once again for the nice check in the mail… ..I have seen this check through use of my psychic premonition capability! (it is a website-design-appreciation check, from a donor from Wells Fargo, and the check itself has lots of clowns and balloons as part of the background water-mark)….

  3. I would have to say the best upwards-scrolling video game has to be “gekiho”… ..the best side-scrolling game could either be: thunderforce 6, r-type delta, cotton, or d-smiles (any of these – and I think it totally depends on personal preference)… ..I think the world’s best exotic car has to be either the Ferrari 458 Italia, or the Lamborghini Huracan… ..and the world’s best “ultra exotic” (sometimes referred to as “super auto’s”) has to be either the Lamborghini Aventador or the Ferrari f12… ..and then the world’s best “mega exotic” (referred to as true “hyper exotic’s”) has to be either the Pagani Huayra or Bugatti Veyron or Lamborghini Elemento… ..for more information you may visit any of the three links provided below:

  4. also to include in “all media review”: why CNN has become more like Oprah, and Jerry Springer (cheap and shameless) with bad commercials too!

    compact discs versus trans flash (or both together)
    VHS vs Digital video discs (pop-up main menu standard with separate preview/trailer commercial menu button… ..is it a practical application solution, and if so how practical?)

  5. test public posting: have you noticed disparity or spoilage in food products? Most foods continue to be edible well beyond the posted spoilage date… ..of course, this is very subjective to the various food products concerned… ..for instance, a brand new tub of yogurt can go on for up to a month beyond its spoilage date if it is properly sealed and nicely refrigerated… ..whereas salad can easily spoil within a few day’s beyond the label… ..once again, common sense + good instincts seems to be the ultimate determining factor in such cases (it sounds kinda funny, but if we all use some wisdom and common consideration in our lives,,, (and in our food determinations) ..well we might just end up with tastier than expected results!)

  6. note to self: remember to change the title to: “entitled: Disney, myself, myself, and I really don’t take myself all that seriously (can you tell???)” 😉

  7. well then, could you make the “bad guys” in the life story aware to the fact that they are in fact the bad guys!?

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