7 thoughts on “ever hear of “one hit wonders?” —here is a group of “seven picture wonders” instead!

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    dude come on where are you guys? it takes a-lot of work to develop an online personality,,, to do so with creativity and not be ridiculed as “creepy” or “controversial”… ..anyhow, I don’t mind to do this work as I have always been brave in such endeavors… ..I don’t think it matters about who is in any particular picture,,, at least the important idea is to simply understand the spirit\essence of the posting… ..now where are my brave donors??? I am sure there are many “American freedomists” who are willing to donate (even those who are willing to donate anonymously)… ..we are supposed to be a very “grown up society” and a very “advanced culture” as well…… —there should not be any drama in floating a big old check my way! (besides I really could use the money,,, perhaps there should be a surprise party in my honor and a nice one-million dollar check!?)…… ..okay I decided to include a clip about coast-guard-rescue-helicopters as well as two links for billabong-surfwear and maui-and-sons-surfwear,,, ,,all of it is just for fun and just for good luck! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxYsbOeoqik

  2. Yes, I agree! I think the site is very fantastic! If someone asked me to describe the site very quickly, I think I would answer by saying: “it is just a representation of the “united-states-of-whatever” and it really is intended to be that simple!”

  3. I remember being asked the question at one point: “what do you most enjoy for breakfast?”… ..I gave a pretty simple answer: “I usually enjoy lightly toasted bagels with some butter cream spread, or I might just have two hard boiled eggs… ..more importantly though, I really enjoy having a nice strong cup of Lipton, chamomile, or caffeine free green teas”… ..now then what do I really enjoy for breakfast??? (beyond what I already described),,, ,,In all honesty my “expansed” breakfast routine is very much like a corporation trade secret (“there are some things in life that should not be divulged” -Why? …well quite simply because there are certain things in life that keep us a little more unique, and certain stuff that makes us each the wonderful individuals that we are)

    and that brings me to the point I was trying to mention in this comment- the stereotype of “morning culture people” and the stereotype of “breakfast as the most important of meals” are exactly that, just stereotypes and nothing more! I found (thorough my own personal experiences) that I really don’t like “morning people” at all,,, ,,and additionally to my surprise I found “night owl people” to be the really awesome good guys -so to speak! There is something about having a lighter breakfast, and more substantial lunch and dinner (plus my personal work-out routine, including some form of jogging)… ..that I found things just worked awesomely! [the morning people seem to get offended whenever rejecting their morning culture,,, ,,they also seem to enjoy wrongfully tying people into their wrongful way of life (plus wrongful routine and wrongful practices of life),,, ,,whereas the “night owls” are very likely to exclaim: “hey leave that person alone, stop doing the stuff that messes around with those persons” —and also the night owls have a very good human essence + human spirit + they routinely seem to be self empowering persons of similar ideology, stature, and like mindedness…. ..it was a no brainer for me to identify the “night owls” and “night owl company culture” and “night owl culture of the society” were in fact the absolute good guys!]

    ***Bonus Information: I think what it all comes down to is: “Tetris Philosophy”… ..now I know we all love to play Tetris, I mean honestly who doesn’t? -what is even more fun than actually playing Tetris itself is to be a part (of or even simply to watch) Tetris-competitions! Well you might ask what about “blinded tetris competitions”??? Here is where philosophy comes in to play: “Blinded Tetris” really takes away from the whole entire fun of the game itself, part of the fun of watching a tetris competition is the imagination of being able to actually be part of the game or then to relax with the other fans who are casually enjoying the game while enjoying several appetizers, snacks, and choice libations of course! Yes, you can do “Blinded Tetris” if you are pushed into a corner and you absolutely have to for some reason,,, ,,but why? —it is this wrong overly-competitive-bad-guy-company-culture that seems to suggest the game has to be so impossible (as if to say only a few strangely gifted individuals can play and the rest of us must only be degenerate fans for some reason) Boo-hoo-hoo, I say instead of “this is so difficult which is why it is televised” we should have something much more along the lines of: “casually putting a gaming event that people can easily relate to and easily enjoy”

  4. at this point the administration would say: “Yes Tarek the tetris video games are already challenging enough as is, and the Tetris philosophy you have presented is definitely the correct angle of viewpoint as it definitely relates to many facets of life (both large and small alike)”

    the next comment is a long and drawn out philosophical discussion about history, education, and lessons learned to not repeat historical blunders of the past: it would be much simpler to read the following quote that very quickly gets the same idea across: “we will all live terribly and we will all die terribly unless we somehow find really good ways of liberating ourselves”

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    the note above is actually really fantastic, I suppose property gas, electricity, water, trash-removal and sewage treatment\removal would be included under “personal expenses” along with any personal-entertainment, leisure, food, hobbyist and any recurring personal-effects expenses… ..the point is the “basis-model” is very good and we can easily modify the above example to fit numerous different needs or perhaps I should say “numerous different good life stories”… ..anyhow, best wishes -Sincerely, Tarek

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