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  1. Two retro games that I enjoyed owning were “lode runner” and “Conan hall of Volta” from the days of Apple2….. ..the best game of all time ,in my opinion, has to be Warcraft 2, it somehow gives the feeling of playing various card-games or board-games with friends at the local Lampost pizza, (likewise the map-editor is just fantastic, allowing for highly customizable levels and the ability to adjust various unit attributes,,, ,,simply fantastic)….. ..other games that I still really enjoy are: goldeneye on Nintendo64 and South Park on Nintendo64 and Duke-nuke’em on PC, (these first person shooters are fantastic multiplayer games as well — hey kids these games are also rated for maturity, I think the minimum age for goldeneye and South Park is something like 15years-of-age and Duke is something like 17+)….. the future I might come back to this comment to leave links for my other favorite games listed below: Atari (space duel) space asteroids, Hyper duel arcade, Gradius 5 on playstation2, Wrestlefest arcade, and finally an homage link to original spider-man tv series (entitled “best spider-man fight scene”)

    [(“lode runner” from n.e.s. i should say,,, ,,and don’t forget about “tetris” -everyone should always remember about “tetris”)]

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