4 thoughts on “Honestly though I think I would make a great “Superman”

  1. okay I admit it, I would like to be the owner of either “Airbus flagship A-380” or “Boeing flagship Jumbo-747″… ..the problem is that these planes can easily cost in excess of 200 million$’s apiece! Perhaps I should have a more reasonable ambition of starting an intercontinental airline using Boeing’s entry-level 737 (one of the smaller commercial airlines, but viewed by many as the most capable and darling of the bunch)… ..oh yes, and it has a much more reasonable price tag of around 30 mill…… …all that aside, at least I was able to answer the question of what came first (communism or freedom capitalism)…… …obviously the communists came first, and when they were able to establish very large\robust infrastructure and significant\substantial capacity, we were then able to move on to freedom enterprises and personal ambitions, dreams, hopes, and desires… ..so on and so forth….

  2. I suppose most of us would be happy to “feel free to fly around the country” with Southwest for about forty bucks per destination! ….and most likely we are all living in our country/ranch town-houses cost of ownership at about 150k, and driving our dodge-durango’s (used 7k, new 35k) ,,, and once all these initial costs and arrangements are taken care of,,,, we are then probably living off our personal incomes ranging from 25-80k per year…… …I call it “the hobbyists\activities” culture! (oh yes, one more thing – “price-gouging” is not allowed! —that means prices are basically fixed in what I refer to as “corner store economy” —pack of gum25cents, king size snickers bar $1.99, pack of pop tarts (6 tarts) @ $2.99, and the really big can of tuna (solid white albacore — I think it is something like 65ounces for less than $12))… …hey this equation means that millions of people will continue to live happily, freely, comfortable, and safe lives.. “do ordain towards our better postures”

    [the best healthcare plan for America is not to have any healthcare plan… ..remember doctors and nurses are obligated to heal by their oath (and not by statewide regulations), that means hospitals must heal and cannot turn injured or sick folks away… ….(I already mentioned “price gouging” is not allowed, and likewise “sneaky costs” are essentially not allowed as well)… ….let doctor’s be doctor’s and let them succor operational expenses as they have done so (from various kings & leaders) throughout history]

  3. I will take this opportunity to set the record straight about D.C. Comics fictional character Superman… ..Superman is actually far superior to any and all evil enemies he has faced… ..the doomsday character was a “sensationalized” attempt to make Superman comics popular again… ..in reality Superman would be rated somewhere in the neighborhood of 900 points on a 100 point scale (please notice how he is totally “off the charts” on a point scale meant to measure hero and villains,,, ,,capabilities and powers based on a score of zero as the lowest and one hundred the highest)… ..the next strongest and most capable hero would be “Thor” from Marvel, and he would be rated somewhere in the eight hundreds! So let’s say doomsday was the strongest of all villains throughout both D.C. and Marvel, doomsday would only be rated at about two hundred points! Some important things to remember about Superman: 1st- the silver age Superman of the 1950’s actually defeated Satan (who probably would be rated very similar to doomsday), 2nd- there is a very good chance Superman is not susceptible to kryptonite, but he pretends to be in order to gain more information from enemies, 3rd- Superman might sometimes “fake a loss” to gain information from enemies and then ultimately to prove victorious in heroic endings!

  4. Just for reference, Batman (known as both the caped crusader and dark knight) would probably score between a 280 or up to 320 points, depending on which versions… ..and when working as a team with batgirl, robin, and Alfred, they could easily start pushing into the 400’s (each scores similar individually, although the lower “total” is primarily because scores are “exponentially based” after 350 points!)… ..[there are a lot more heroes, and they tend to work in teams anyways]

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