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Conan the Barbarian (Rated “R” no persons under 17, unless accompanied with an adult!  film year: 1982) Fantastic!, authentic, original, (one thing worth noting – it is not an “easy-action-adventurer” such as the sequel… ..for that reason I would give it a middle 80’s score, whereas the sequel is actually deserving of a higher 90’s score)  Tarek


Conan the Destroyer (Rated “PG-13” no persons under 13, and parental guidance is suggested!  1984) Conan the Destroyer is actually a perfect “action-adventurer” movie,,, in my opinion, it truly deserves a 100% for being an easier to watch version of Conan, with mythical- medieval motifs, the suggestion of intermixing “camelot” elements is not too far fetched, (I think it is one of those classics you could easily have playing in the background while working, or cooking in the kitchen, or hanging out with friends)… ..also it kinda gives me the feeling of a resurgence of sorts for chilling at the local pizzeria while playing “gauntlet arcade” and hanging out with friends! (agree?/disagree? most people would most likely agree)  Tarek Bat.


The Lost World: Jurassic Park (Rated “PG-13” no persons under 13, and parental guidance is suggested!  1997) I enjoyed all three of the original Jurassic Park movies,,, and I have yet to see #4 and #5 (Jurassic World and Jurassic Fallen Kingdom, respectively) …I think “The Lost World” was my favorite of the bunch!. …it seems to capture the very essence (or spirit, if you will) of why we go to the movies in the first place!. …it is fun, adventurous, and exciting all rolled into one,, ,,,there are a few continuity errors and logic flaws, but honestly as I said “it is the whole entire reason why we like to go to see movies in the first place!” (Jeff Goldblum: Awesome!, Julianne Moore and Pete Postlethwaite and Richard Schiff: Awesome supporting roles… ..and Vince Vaughn is keeping them all nicely together, so to speak!)  Tarek Bat.


Star Trek: First Contact (1996) Star Trek: First Contact Review: (1997)
Finally the federation of the next generation is to face off against the Borg and their singular ship “the Borg Cube”… ..we were all very interested to see the Next Gen crew to meet the original enterprise crew in the previous film (Star Trek: Generations)… ..However, we were now treated to an entirely new experience where the Enterprise “E” was to meet “head on” against the Borg (and being totally unleashed on the silver screen (as opposed to any confinements of clashing within the television series alone)) ….Let me just say: It does not disappoint, and First Contact is quite possibly the best Star Trek movie ever made!


Triple X (Rated “PG-13” no persons under 13, and parental guidance is suggested!  2002) Whoa,,, why was this movie not brought to my attention earlier!? It is totally cool and I think it introduces a new brand of “fast action” (“action paced adventurer”, if you will)… only complaint is the story line itself… ..why didn’t they simply have Xander Cage (played by Vin Diesel) to become allies with Yorgi (Marton Csokas) against Gibbons (played by S. Jackson)… ..I mean that totally would’ve made sense, given the “extortion method” of which Gibbons had used against Cage in the first place… ..and also, the heroes would’ve found that it was actually a corrupt American company intent on global domination,,, ,,and ultimately those are the one’s who the heroes must “put a stop to” instead! [“a spy thriller” which could have had a solid “triple movie franchise” had they tweaked it in the correct direction]  Tarek Bat.


[**Note to self: Remember to add both Legend and Goonies to the movie review page?, also the Star Trek: First Contact Review {fin},,, Endnotes section {fin} (Also, included below) Legend (1986) Ridley Scott, Tom Cruise, Tim Curry, Mia Sara,,,,, Goonies (1985) {already said, delayed okay}  Possibly some more Arnold films such as: Predator, Total Recall, The Running Man, Twins, Eraser, and throwback: Commando! {edited for TV versions?}]

Godzilla 2014 (2014) full review coming soon!  :”Just an outstandingly good (moderately serious) re-boot of the legendary King of Monsters: “Gojira”; Godzilla himself, or herself, or himself,,, whatever dude!”


Batman Returns (1992) full review coming soon!  :”One of my favorite “cinematography masterpiece” films!”


Star Trek Beyond (2016) full review coming soon!  :”A really fun re-boot of the Star Trek adventures!”


Star Wars: Rogue One (2016) full review coming soon!  :”A really fun off shoot adventure, telling us the story of how the rebels were able to intercept Imperial plans for the Death Star,,, before episode 4 “a new hope” (which was the late 1970’s release we are all familiar with as the original Star Wars movie itself)”


Titanic (1997) full review coming soon!

“I remember several discussions with my girlfriend about what actually happened with the Titanic, there were many possibilities, and I remember this film as being one of the last great cinematic experiences before the end of the previous millennium! (well honestly, that must have some very cool suggestible meaning!)”  …this is a good time to remind everyone to check ratings or ask a good friend (who maybe has already seen any mentioned movies)… ..most of the movies I reviewed are PG-13, but in general it is always a common sense idea to “look out ahead!”  (Sorry, I should say: “check anyways” …my apology for the unnecessary pun)


A Fistful of Dollars (1967) full review coming soon!  :”I like the opening intro montage song: “we can win, we can win!”,,, oh yeah, the movie itself is a very cool “good guy finally beats up the bad guy” old western genre”


Dirty Harry (1971) combined Dirty Harry and Firefox reviews  :”This movie is actually pretty intense,,, it originally came out as an “R” rated action\adventure… ..there is also a much more muted version: (edited for television, rated PG-13)… ..and if you like the television edit version of Dirty Harry, then you would probably also like the “TV edit versions” of Firefox (1982), Predator (1987), and the Dirty Dozen (1967) …(all of these are also accomplished quite nicely, I might add!)… ..Let’s talk about the other Clint Eastwood movie which I just mentioned: ‘Firefox’,,, it is the type of film where I think everyone would like to know as to what a modern “re-imagining” might be like!??? I really enjoyed some of the opening cinematography which includes some nice scenery in Alaska, Great Britain, and some nice complimentary opening scenes in Soviet Era Moscow… ..And so yes, the question I just proposed: “what would a modern “re-imagining” be all about”? Well, I think what had struck me the most in the film was how much of a confining “jerk style” of a “communist company culture of society” (which Eastwood had to deal with) even before he was able to steal the Firefox jet itself (which does not occur until the last half of the film!)… So, a modern “re-imagining” (of Firefox) would probably delve deep and also investigate the differences between “jerk confining systems” vs “good guys townships” and “good guys companies + various cultures of”… ..So we are taking a real nice look at the “geopolitical landscape” (of our modern world), and off the top of my head this would entail something of the spirit of: 1. modern day Russia becoming much more of what Free America is supposed to be! Yikes! …2. parts of America becoming too much of “subtle police state” or “just plain wrong enforcement culture” or perhaps even “wrongful enforcement culture economy state”, yikes again! ,,how did we slowly accept all the backwards stuff which we were previously very good at standing against!? …3. the “middle allies” such as Great Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and Japan all pointing out this same fact,,, and also trying to encourage America to return to “Anytown USA townships” and friendly neighborhood “beach vacationing cities”… ..and then finally, 4. all the “goodies” (in part or in whole) mentioned in points #1, 2, and 3; basically, they would all probably realize to have both “minimized” + “concentrated” interactions in global hotspots such as the mid-east and the Korean peninsula! (Welcome to Firefox 2019)”


Ocean’s Eleven (2001) full review coming soon!  :”Just a fun + silly movie, or silly + fun movie,,, either way!”


Galaxy Quest (1999) full review coming soon!  :”A Star Trek spoof, which honestly plays on the original Star Trek franchise in quite a clever and at the same time adventurous way!”


A Fish Called Wanda (1988) full review coming soon!  :”Still one of the best (and simple) comedic movie experiences out of all possible “post modern classics” within the category of comedy\humor…. [there is a little bit of adult content involved; however, it could easily be modified or edited for “PG-13″ television audiences]”


Note to self: Remember to add both Legend and Goonies to the movie review page, also the Star Trek: First Contact Review (included way above) and the Endnotes section (Also, included just a little further below)


***Endnotes, Honorable Mentions: Rocky I (1976), Rocky II (1979) both Rocky movies followed with excellent continuity both in their original story and film screen presentations,,, it is a little bit of an action film, a little bit of a hero movies, and a little bit of a romantic delight,,, Ghostbusters I (1984), Ghostbusters II (1989) the original ghostbusters was actually a little more of a horror movie with comedic elements included whilst the second movie is a little more of “lighter faire” with even deeper comedic elements involved… ..What is it about the year 1989 which I seemed to enjoy so much (in the world of film releases?) Perhaps it was simply a good way to close down the 1980’s and then serendipitously to enter into the 1990’s with such films as: GB2, ST5, and Batman 89′ to name a few!,,, Godfather I (1972), Godfather II (1974) Here again the magical formula for a part one and part two that seems to blend seamlessly into one great story,,, Godfather part one follows the adventures of Vito Corleone (the Italian American crime boss) while Godfather part two focuses on the continued legacy by his son: Michael Corleone; these two movies can easily pass the time for any lazy Sunday, they are nicely accomplished with only mild violence; in fact, I would say it is an easier version of crime boss film for those of us who were mostly interested in “origin story” and “family dynamics” for instance! ,,, Star Trek 5 ‘the final frontier’ (1989) Can you say: “Director’s Cut”, we can only wonder about how a second version which is purely the William Shatner director’s cut version would have turned out like!,,, Batman (1989) Michael Keaton is perhaps the best actor to ever be cast as the dark knight himself, whereas the sequel ‘Batman Returns’ is a great achievement in cinematography (including costumes, special effects, and truly deserving of such technical awards) ….whilst the original film had accomplished everything expected in terms of character, backgrounds, movie sets, themes (film noir) and even publicity accomplishments!, Finally: Wayne’s World (1992) “just a fun movie!”, James Bond: A view to a kill (1985) “just a perfect British American spy thriller!”



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