have nurses surpassed doctors??? High priority to get rid of wrong presumptions nurses, (obviously!),,, and low priority; if personal good + private + self acceptable varieties are already going on (i.e. pay more attention to other posts!)

don’t get me started about the difference between good nurses and bad-nurses… ..yes, good nurses are very good at doing their job, caring for the patient, with excellent bedside manner (so to speak), and they really “go the extra mile” to make sure the patient is always meeting with very acceptable conditions\results… ..okay then, the bad-nurse is someone who is a hospital-policy-driven-robot (usually they lack better experience and they lack certain maturity as well)… ..where the good nurses are always making sincere efforts for the patient to have “only the best” and “very acceptable results” (often times “setting aside” any type of “faceless bureaucracy guidelines\policy”)… ..what a shame that there is even a possibility of such a thing as a bad-nurse… ..fortunately, in my personal experience i/I have only come across the good nurses!  (those that are in fact really personally self acceptable, and not those who think they are doing good; however, they are in reality doing too much of their wrongful presumptions or bad business actions)

Superheroes are also known for super-humor!

it is said in the bible that it is as difficult to get into heaven as to pass a camel through the eye of the needle… ..let’s remember something we are talking about a good-god! So I think the solution to this puzzle is actually quite simple… ..if I said to God: “would it be okay if we just passed one single camel hair through the needle and call it task accomplished?” Obviously, God would say “yes that’s fine please proceed to heaven” —you see, a very simple solution (the true nature of God)… ..obviously, God has a good sense of humor as every deity should….

always choose the best situations….! (on a personal note: I did not really enjoy making this posting)

Gee, I couldn’t help to notice when I graduated from College I really felt “ready and set” to take life by its’ horns, to live life to its’ fullest, to boldly go where no man has gone before (so to speak)… ..anyhow there was one little problem, the money factor was just not on my side!  Yes, how terrible (and in fact even more terrible when I was certain I found the right girl (my college girlfriend))… -I knew for sure I was not going to be able to make both of us comfortable to acceptable standards… ..I also knew I was going to have to wait another two years before I could access my private mutual fund… ..and the 100-200k was not going to be anywhere near the amount needed; (I figured for a nice house in a nice neighborhood and all associated living expenses (believe me I thought about everything) it was going to take anywhere from 3-6million USdollars!)  Dude, these numbers were just not adding up… ..that’s when I came up with the idea of “perhaps the Americans can help”… ..the numbers somehow needed to be reversed… ..I should have been looking at a “support-account” of about 1-2million and housing plus expenses that should’ve totaled 100-200k (including all the little things, room for error, and future needs to be considered as well)… ..anyhow, at least the problem has been properly described! —that is actually fantastic news, so now I look at three possible outcomes, where really only the Good-Guys outcome is acceptable:

1st- the bad-guys of the state of california somehow manage to make people prisoners and they all have to work for about seventy-five-cents per hour… ..whoa, dude that is totally not the idea… ..(I don’t think I need to describe any further)

2nd- the “other” bad-guys of the state of california are somehow managing (in very subtle ways) to subjugate, indenture, or enslave citizens by brainwashing the scheme known as “debt-loan-servitude, debt-loan-servitude” ….okay, in this scenario people are forced to work on “someone else’s difficult schedule” (the un-holy routine of monday-thru-friday 9am-to-5pm)… ..and honestly there does not seem to be any good reasoning or logic for working in this scenario as a person might earn $10-$25 per hour; but as I mentioned this same person is never really able to escape the “debt-loan-servitude” cycle of madness! (I guess option#2 is another unacceptable scenario)…..

3rd- the Good-Guys scenario (also referred to as the extremely good and extremely acceptable scenario):  okay, ask me what I do for a living:  Yeah I’m a writer, in fact I wrote about one-hundred short articles over the past three years… ..(I wrote these articles very comfortably and on my own time, my own schedule)… ..I got paid about two and a half million dollars for one of my articles… ..and then I got paid a couple hundred thousand extra for a group of five other articles… ..Life in this scenario has been fantastic and obviously very acceptable… ..I did not have any health issues as the “up-front” money I received had seemingly pre-empted any difficulties or stresses that might’ve caused illness (if I was too poor, for example)… ..what do I think about the people who created the first two earlier examples above?  my answer is they are most likely destined to go to something called “the real hell” (and this most recent example (the one I’ve just described)… well the only thing I can say is more power to the good guys, and obviously good guys deserve all the best (in this world or any other existences))    T

mission statement:

this site is all about “counter-movement”… ..remember the time before social-media-websites when the Internet was all about “personal blog’s” and “ma + pa privately owned websites”… ..well, I”m recommending to go back to those days… ..together along with a few large-Internet-based-sites, and small, medium, large corporation websites – the idea of adding a third and fourth genre of “personal blog’s” and “ma + pa privately owned websites” seems to be the perfect aspiration for what the Internet is supposed to be all about!.. …honestly, I am reminded of the time when Microsoft made very simple and very open operating system software such as: MS-DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows NT, and of course Windows 98… ..during the same time, Apple-computers had introduced the Power PC which had parallel softwares built-in… ..So most Microsoft-software could run on the Apple operating system,,, ,,& vice-versa most Apple programs (once saved in proper format) could run on PC based computers that were using Microsoft (and other) operating systems… ..ahhh yes, the good-old-days! Of course the result at that time was to have many companies producing many different types of really good (and really well thought-out) software & hardware!.. …each of these small silicone-valley companies were usually producing “one-single-highlighted-type-of-software-or-hardware”… ..before anybody knew any better, there was a “treasure trove” of successful small companies and together they were picking the American economy right back unto its’ feet! Wow, how fantastic!.. …Yes, we should go back to those days! It is a correct counter-movement!.. …now the only other thing people would need to do (once the computer world is once again “squared away”) is to basically take care of themselves… ..So go ahead and resume hobbyist pursuits and ritual activities… ..and remember to use a little good judgement between “real-real information on the Internet” and “real-fake information on the Internet!” Perhaps we will even enjoy using personally owned software such as “Groiler encyclopedia”, “De-lorme street maps”, and “Corel draw + photo” once again… ..and don’t get me started about the return of quality video game software!.. …enough said, it is now time to enjoy the fabulous blog I put together… ..it is divided into four sections: section1-“Insights”, section2-“Personal artworks”, section3-“Articles”, and last but not least is section-4″Photo links”… ..there is a donation button located at the end of each section – you may donate a small amount such as $10 or a larger amount such as $100 for appreciation of the philosophy I’ve presented, or the original artworks I’ve displayed, or any of the philosophy presented in any of the articles – posted in section3-“Articles”, or even just a comprehensive appreciation of the website-blog itself… ..anyhow, without further adieu I present to you below into www.TarekBatniji.com – Please Enjoy, Sincerely -Tarek Batniji (founder and president of www.TarekBatniji.com)……

winning the big spin? (I think I wrote for someone other than myself, such as an anonymous friend or acquaintance)

Okay let’s say it finally happened, I just somehow stumbled into really big money (let’s say I stumbled into something like $50million American Dollars)… ..Well, it’s pretty simple, I think I would buy a really nice house for each of my immediate family members, and then I would put an equal amount into a personal account for each of my immediate family members… ..I would probably buy\build somewhere along the Pacific Coast, and we would all be very happy with each of our “coast-line selections” and we would most likely be within simple traveling distance of each other… ..then as for “the equal amount of money in each personal account” – well, everybody does whatever they want to do with their share of gratuitous spending dollars… ..you will notice I am not putting money in any sort of “locked-out” or “time-maturity” accounts… ..and I would not think of this as a hand-out either… ..in fact, I have given money as an opportunity for each individual to use their own personal intelligence, talents, cleverness, and creativity… ..why can’t more people think the way I do? I am definitely presenting the correct brand of “human essence thinking”… ..some people say “well if you leave and go to a new city, the problems you have are likely to follow”… ..Okay, why don’t these people learn the saying “sometimes when you change your environment, you actually could be giving yourself a fantastic fresh-start?!”

thinking positive is an important thing: some people might shout within themselves to “think correct” as they tackle everyday problems or situations… ..and others’ (who may be more advanced) might say to themselves “be a star”, “never stop inventing”, or simply “play like a champion”… ..the point is to be positive and always try to treat those we care about as equal or even better than equals… ..

Q. what about the company culture of America so to speak?

A. Why does it sometimes seem as though we are always trying to “shake each other down”… ..”oh, this guy over here has found some happiness and success in his life, let’s go get him!” (and in the process of “going to get him” to completely forget about the strong backbone of what makes America so great – that is to say when we are good we are really good!)… ..do we really want to watch stupid shows such as “cops” and “judge stupid-girl” or would we perhaps enjoy to watch things like “up all night” on USA channel or “dinner and a movie” on TBS (there are other good tv-shows, commercials, and movies on other channels such as: TNT, WGN, KCET, Sci-fi, AMC, and others…) —the actuality of living the “American Dream” does not mean we should have regressed to making a police-state rather than a plethora of successful “private-individuals”, “companies”, and others who manage to live fantastic “independent-lifestyles”… ..life, liberty, and the pursuits of happiness are the “real-deal” stuff or type-of-stuff that our country is really meant to be based upon (& really meant to be totally comprised of)

Q. what about secret societies or private societies that might use things like trust accounts or compliance doctrine… ..

A. no dude these are bad-guys with wrongful/hurtful modes of movement! (I don’t think I need to mention that some private-individuals and some private companies\areas could easily be considered as part of “the good-guys” …..if it is a “good-secret” or a “good-privatization” -I think it probably would be pretty obvious, and we would all somehow know about these “good secrets” or “good privatizations”)

—“I hear the secrets that you keep, when you’re talking in your sleep” — does anybody remember that famous 1980’s song?