The best times to exist!

Might as well have some fun at this point… ..I found this really cool “Frankenstein’s Monster” halloween make-up tutorial… ..along with “skulls and stars” galaxy cookies creation (link in comments),,, Yes, I do think they go nicely together! ***T 😉

3 thoughts on “The best times to exist!

  1. Both “legal” and “medical” should not be allowed to systematically and/or eventually ruin the lives of people …including all related fields such as corrupt pharmaceuticals (which there are many) corrupt nursing groups (which there are many) and/or corrupt credit, casino’s, stock markets (and/or draft kings or fan duel) ….Why has America allowed eventual “legal” or “medical” shamelessness as “requisite” to personal success in the first place?! America has got to go back to being much much more of “Anytown USA”,,, where in such a case: I would not nearly have a sinus induced heart attack (for putting on Pokemon for my niece and nephew (whilst their east asian nanny has essentially stifled my personal movements from directly behind my right ear and shoulders)) ….and instead: I would most probably be casually reminiscing about summertime at the beach whilst painting and moving into my newly acquired “Astorian-victorian” cottage town house (conveniently located within walking distance of the downtown “row style” shopping district!) Enuff said, hopefully! 😮😉😆🧛‍♀️ (Go get’em Draks!)

  2. “go get’em draks”… obviously the communists came first and capitalist entrepreneurial enterprises came later on… do I know??? It’s very simple actually: the communists had arrived on Earth first in order to build “huge” + “capable” infrastructures with various numeric capitalist systems arriving later on: so this really means we should not be part of a “$5 to $10 per day” but rather part of a “$500k per annum” economies! (because the massive infrastructures + outstanding home range designs really do support it!) ….it also means we would be embracing things we love to do,,, and things we enjoy! such as: 1. large outdoor shopping malls, 2. theme parks, 3. hollywood movie culture, 4. americana lakeside park, 5. americana carnival + festival culture, 6. hobbyist + activity pursuits, 7. food culture, 8. holiday culture, 9. favorite restaurants etc… etc.. etc.. (and some of the “erstwhile shenanigans” as mentioned in my previous comment: (including “$5 to $10 per day”) would not exist and would simply be replaced by the aforementioned “good quality” + “substantial” latter designs!) ….now honestly,,, I could have remained in my hometown living a reasonably “non eventful” life,,, and then most probably existing for about a hundred years and then quietly and non noticeably passing away in my sleep (at about the age of 120 years)… ..however; for whatever various reason(s), I decided to venture out, and I found a world which was in great need for a 2nd coming of the “Christ anointed” !!… ..there is still time for this “other world” to make an ideological shift towards “the good guys” as I have suggested… ..however,, if there is a persistence to do shenanigans, + cheap businesses + cheap economies + cheap failure’s or framing styles of set-ups,,,, ,,well in that case,, the great retributions of “judgement days” may be very close at hand! [I would expect the 2nd ark of the covenant to be similar to the 1st (such as what has been portrayed in Indiana Jones’s: ‘Raiders of the lost ark’) the 2nd ark is slightly larger than the 1st and it has blue steel and white gold (in addition to the golden ornaments already placed on the exterior)… is also supposedly much better at discerning “good from bad” (so good guys have nothing to worry about) and it is supposed to be extremely clever at completely decimating all of the actual bad guys!]

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